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Why Leeds?


Property Investment in Leeds

Located in Yorkshire, Leeds is the UKs 4th largest city, home to circa 800,000 people.

It boasts the largest legal and finance centre outside of London drawing in talent from across the North, and is also one of the UKs most geographically central cities, making it a transport goldmine for a number of national businesses.

Despite being the 4th largest city in the UK, Leeds has been an underdog in the property investment market for some time, with the city only starting on its current growth trajectory over the last few years.
As a result, it is ripe for investment and redevelopment, with property prices still being relatively inexpensive and the market expected to expand rapidly over the next decade.

Leeds is the 2nd largest centre for Banking and Insurance in the UK
(Invest in Leeds)

Leeds is one of the top cities in the UK for
Foreign Direct Investment
(International Relations)

Leeds produces top quality graduates from
4 Universities
(Invest in Leeds)

House prices and rents
are expected to grow
19% by 2022

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Thinking of investing in Leeds property?
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Get your Free Leeds Investment Guide

Thinking of investing in Leeds property?
Check out our FREE 2020 Buy To Let Investment Guide

Free Leeds Investment Guide preview

Why Invest in the Leeds Property Market?

Leeds is considered one of the UK’s top property investment hotspots.

Its combination of low property prices and high rental demand create opportunities for excellent yields and as the UK’s 4th largest UK city, hosting the largest legal and financial centre outside of London, it isn’t surprising that investors are rushing to Leeds to uncover the wealth of untapped opportunities

Rental Returns

The Leeds property market benefits from a combination of relatively low property prices and high rents, allowing it to offer rental returns of 7-8% on funds invested.

Growth Potential

Leeds is the 4th largest UK city and benefits from a number of promising development prospects including the HS2 rail project and the Northern Powerhouse project.


Leeds is much earlier in its property cycle and has not yet benefitted from the growth seen in places like Manchester or Birmingham. This makes it ripe for regeneration.

A Rapidly
Growing Population

Leeds boasts the Largest legal and finance hub outside of London and coupled with its excellent wage growth, attracts thousands of skilled workers to the area each year.

A Thriving
Northern City

Leeds is the epitome of a multicultural city and is rich in culture as it is in economics. It has had the fastest growth of foreign investment of any city in the North.

High Education Standards

Leeds has the most number of Universities of any city outside of London and The University was also featured in the 2019 QS worldwide university rankings.


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