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Too busy to invest in property? You’re not alone!

Many of us understand that by making plans for our future now, we can not only survive, but thrive during the second half of our lives.

But, between trying to balance your work, family, and living your life, who actually has the time to plan for the future, let alone find an investment option that works for you?

Our clients, Ajul & Roshni, were in that exact same boat.

So, they turned to us for help.

They Understood The Assignment

For Roshni, the importance of financial security and creating a retirement plan to protect her lifestyle in later years was instilled in her from an early age.

“I wanted to create my retirement plan to protect my lifestyle and open-up further investment opportunities down the line”.

Working very long hours as an investment banker, Ajul understood that by trading his time now for financial rewards, he could invest this money into his future – allowing the needle to swing the other way – giving him financial freedom & stability during his retirement.

Shaping Their Future

They understood the long-term benefits of investing in property and had been considering purchasing a buy-to-let property for some time but in between planning for their wedding and their busy careers, finding an investment property that could set them up for retirement was just not feasible.

But time wasn’t their only issue.

Familiar with the financial sector, they were both accustomed to investing in stocks and shares but had no other investment experience beyond that.  Ajul privately rented out his old flat several years ago, but that was a very different experience from purchasing a property outside of his hometown of London and purely for investment purposes.

Being 29 & 30 and lucky enough to have savings at the ready, they were in the perfect position to embark on their long-term property investment but became frustrated with trying to figure out how to invest in a rental property on their own.

After conducting hours of online research into buy-to-let property, they didn’t feel any more comfortable or knowledgeable about the process. Then after some further research into companies that could help them invest in property, they came across our website and decided to make the call that would shape their investing future.

Valuable Time Saved

For Roshni and Ajul, they were looking to save valuable time to concentrate on their everyday lives and planning the wedding of their dreams. But, knowing how time-consuming investing in property is, they were unsure how they would juggle it all – until they found our service. 

“We’re planning on getting married later this year and without Lifestyle Property People, we would never have had the time to plan the wedding and buy a BTL property. It helped too that we also really liked everyone we interacted with throughout the process – at Lifestyle Property People and all the partners you use”.

Investing In The North

Ajul & Roshni were keen to invest in the North as they were both familiar with the area and understood the scope of growth in the North was far greater than in London.

More importantly, they welcomed the idea of purchasing in the North as the lower purchase prices meant they would be able to invest in several investment properties as opposed to just 1 in London, therefore diversifying their investment income. And thanks to the investment returns being much higher, investing in the North was a no brainer! 

They are now the proud owners of 2 properties in Leeds, that generate just under £10,000 of cash flow every year.

“The return was much higher than we initially expected, and the service was exactly what we wanted”.

Trusting The Process

After we spoke to Ajul and Roshni about our business and how we could help them, they expressed they had a great feeling about us and the service we offer and decided they had enough confidence to trust us with their investment.

After learning their requirements, we began sourcing properties that met their criteria. Once a property was identified, we carried out our property inspections and due diligence, before exchanging contracts.

The property was refurbished by our expert team to make it rentable for the best return on investment. And the icing on the cake was once the service was complete, they were amazed to find the total costs came to within 1% of the initial Property Appraisal.

“Lifestyle Property People were completely transparent throughout the process, and we really appreciated that – even when small challenges arose, as inevitably they would, they always worked with us to achieve the best outcome. The team was also super responsive, and we were impressed with how well informed they kept us throughout”.

Can you relate?

Let’s face it, you’re probably trying to balance your work, your family, maybe your parents, not to mention finding time to live life! The last thing you want to deal with is calls from a builder because the paint hasn’t arrived, or a call from the estate agent wondering when you are going to pick up the keys.  

We speak from experience when we say property investing is not always easy. There are only so many hours in the day and trying to do it all yourself takes away the one thing you wanted in the first place… time!

At Lifestyle Property People, we believe that time is your greatest asset which is why we have built a great team that specialises in helping busy people just like you invest in property.  Our unique model takes care of all of that and removes the stress and hassle of investing.  


If you want to know if we can help you invest in a buy-to-let property, click here to arrange a chat with one of our team.

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