The Buy To Let Property Podcast

A podcast for professionals and business owners looking to invest in the buy-to-let property market

Having been first-time investors ourselves, we have experienced just how life-changing a buy-to-let property portfolio can be. It has allowed us to create passive income and build wealth, leaving us free to do the things that give our lives meaning.

We want to help others create financial security and independence for themselves and have created this podcast to share insights and experience. Joined by property experts and other investors, we will discuss a variety of topics, including industry updates and investment theory. We will also be sharing real-life stories of the challenges and successes that others have had building their own portfolios.

If you are looking to invest in the buy-to-let property market and need some extra guidance, then this is the podcast for you.

Available Episodes

Episode 0012 - The Secret to financial independence and success with Huw Davies.jpg

Today we joined by a friend and fellow investor Huw Davies, who runs a YouTube and Instagram account aimed at simplifying finance topics for ordinary people.

Creating financial security for your future is so important, now more than ever, but it is often something many people put off until it is too late.

As an advocate for investing and creating financial security, it was really great to be able to sit down with Huw and discuss our own journeys, as well as sharing some great advice on what you can do to achieve financially freedom.

Episode 011 - My Opinion on the property market in 2023 with Bob Singh from Chess Mortgages

With all the media coverage and speculation, it’s understandable that people feel uncertain about whether now is the right time to be investing in property.

But, to put it bluntly, the majority of these opinions are UNEDUCATED & UNSOLICITED and come from people that are fearful or just don’t want you to have financial independence (after all, it isn’t in the interest of the powers that be)

So to help break through the noise, we had a chat with our friend Bob Singh from Chess Mortgages.

Like us, he is in the ‘thick of it’ day in and day out so has some great insight into what he is seeing in the property market.

In 2023, the costs of owning a buy-to-let property have increased.

But it’s not all bad news. Uncertainty creates opportunities and there are opportunities to be had – you just need to change your strategy.

In our latest podcast episode, we discuss why the market has changed, how you can take advantage of it and how you need to adapt your investing strategy to the changing market so you can make a success of your property investments.

Being a little apprehensive when considering your first property purchase is not unusual.

However, this nervous feeling can get to the point where it takes over your decision-making ability and you get caught in a loop of analysis paralysis!  In these circumstances, fear is no longer your ally, but your enemy.

Listen to our latest podcast as we give you a few steps you can take to overcome this apprehension.

December buy-to-let property market update & the opportunities available right now I Lifestyle Property People podcast

Thanks to rising interest rates and speculation around a property market crash, people are wondering whether now is the right time to be investing in property. But by waiting you could be missing out on opportunities that could save you serious money!

In this episode, we are going to talk to you about what’s going on in the property market and where the opportunities are right now. Worth a listen if you’re looking to get your hands on a good deal!

5 reasons to invest in property in 2023 Podcast Cover

Thanks to the media coverage speculating on everything from inflation to a property market crash, a question that we’ve been asked quite a lot recently is should you be investing in property in 2023?

So in our latest podcast, we thought we would give you our take on why property is still a solid investment strategy in 2023 and the challenges you also need to consider.

Episode 006 - Rakesh & Jigna Shah

One of the biggest reasons many of our clients want to invest in buy-to-let property is for their children.

In these uncertain times, Rakesh wanted to ensure that his kids were set-up financially so they were free to choose which direction to take their lives in.

In this podcast episode,we talk to him about his property investment journey and how investing in buy-to-let property will change his children’s lives.

Episode 005 - The types of returns in property & why capital growth is key

With the increase in mortgage interest rates putting a squeeze on the rental returns, some people are questioning whether it’s still worth investing in property.

Join us in this podcast episode as we take a look at the different kinds of returns available in property and explain why capital growth is key, when it comes to investing for the long term.

Episode 004 - How will rising interest rates affect the uk property market I Buy to let property podcast by Lifestyle Property

In today’s episode, we give you our view on how the rising interest rates and inflation will affect the UK property market and what that means for property investors, along with 5 things you can do to ride this opportunity.

Episode 003 - why we don't flip properties for a quick profit I Lifestyle Property People buy to let podcast

“Is it not easier and quicker to just flip a property and earn some quick money? A common question we hear in the property investment world.

In today’s episode we delve deeper into why we don’t flip properties and why we believe property investing is a long-term game!

Episode 002 - Tushar Patel I The Buy To Let Property Podcast from Lifestyle Property People

Back in 2020, Tushar & Anethia approached us wanting a way to make their money work harder for them by investing in the Leeds property market. Already owning a buy to let property close to their home, they understood that investing in property was a smart move but unfortunately, due to the high property prices in London, they couldn’t afford to invest in an additional property close to home.

They now have a 2 bedroom buy to let property in Leeds which is generating just over £4500 in income every year.

We recently spoke to them about their unique story, what their journey investing with us was like and how investing in BTL property is helping them.

Episode 001 - Dilan Vithlani I The Buy To Let Property Podcast from Lifestyle Property People

Dilan was referred to us by one of our partners and wanted to create financial independence so that he could have the flexibility to live life the way he wanted.

As an aspiring writer with a desire to travel, Dilan didn’t want to work in a conventional 9-to-5 job. He saw it as a trade off of his time for money and that was a sacrifice he was no longer willing to make.

Dilan purchased 2 Buy to Let (BTL) properties in Leeds with Lifestyle Property People and we spoke to him about his unique story, what his journey with us was like, from start to finish, and how his BTL properties are benefitting him.

We feel thoroughly inspired by his unique outlook on life and we have no doubt that you will too.