Last week we learnt all about Shiv and Jaina and how they came to help start Lifestyle Property People. However, this week we are focusing on the Desai’s – the second half of the dynamic duo, they are passionate about property and dedicated to helping you gain financial freedom.


Akash Desai Managing DIrector of Lifestyle Properties

Both my wife Sameera and I were project managers in the city working in the IT sector. Our plan was to have a baby and for Sameera to return to work after maternity leave. However, once our beautiful daughter Aria was born, Sameera changed her mind and whilst I wanted to support her decision, financially we were reliant on two incomes. And sadly, whilst I did have a look around our local parks, money doesn’t actually grow on trees so we had to find another solution.

Around this time we met Shiv, now our business partner, who was investing in property in Leeds. He came over to give us some advice on property investment and encouraged us to speak with a property sourcer in Leeds, whom I later met. The sourcer charged an upfront commitment fee, which I was hesitant about paying, however, I knew that if I wanted to move forward, I would pay for it.

To invest in the property we remortgaged our property to release £200k. We could have invested in London, but because we were so dependent on income, we needed high cash flow, so I chose Leeds as there was slightly less risk involved. We decided to buy a portfolio of 5 properties in Leeds. The main rationale was if one property was empty the other 4 properties would make up the income.

This strategy worked exceptionally well and allowed us to offset Sameera’s income and allowed her to leave her job so she could now raise our daughter. Soon after, I left my job to focus on the business and we are now both financially independent through property and our business.


Sameera Desai BDD - Lifestyle Property People

I studied Business Studies at university and landed myself a graduate scheme, determined to climb the corporate ladder before I started thinking about children.

However, when I finally got promoted to a senior role, I fell pregnant and started to feel distant from corporate life. And when Aria (my daughter) was born, my priorities permanently shifted.

Once she came into our lives, I found that I now wanted to spend more time with her. However, I knew that corporate life would never allow me as much free time as I wanted to be with Aria. And so I found myself in need of an income so that I could devote myself to raising Aria.

Meanwhile, Akash, my husband, had started reading books on property investment and decided buy to lets would give us a passive income stream whilst allowing me to stay at home.

I noticed an ex-colleague (Shiv) was posting about investing in property in Leeds on Facebook on a regular basis and reached out to meet for a coffee and catch up. He revealed how he and his girlfriend had invested money in buy to lets in Leeds and how the profits were allowing them to sustain their current lifestyle.

Encouraged by their success we pulled the equity out of our property and bought a number of properties in Leeds which replaced my income. I handed in my notice and felt liberated and excited that I had my time back. Feeling blessed that I could do this but also a little guilty that I did not need to rush back to work, I couldn’t help but feel that other mums, other families, friends, pensioners etc could also benefit from such a setup. And so Lifestyle Property People was born.

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