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Lifestyle Property People win ‘Best Customer Service’ at the SME National Business Awards

Lifestyle Property People announced today that its team was awarded Gold at the SME National Business Awards in the category of Best Customer Service.

In this article, we talk to the MD, Shiv Haria about the award and what it means for the company.

What was the award for?

The awards were the SME National Business Awards 2020/21. The category we were nominated for was for ‘Best Customer Service’, which covers companies in all industries across the entire country.

Last year, because of the COVID pandemic, the 2020 awards did not go ahead, so this year, there were double the number of applicants that we were competing with!


What was the criteria for the award?

The award category went to a public vote, which meant that our clients had the opportunity to weigh in on our performance.

To win in this category, we had to explain why our company is different to others in the market and demonstrate our process for continuous improvement of our service before, during and after the delivery.

In our business, we constantly request and often have to dig hard to get feedback on not just how we could improve our delivery, but how we can wow our clients and make the customer journey more fantastic!

We really believe that by doing that we build long-term customer relationships, and ultimately build trust in our brand.


“I’m insanely proud of the team!”, Anika Gondhia, Delivery Manager


Why did we win the award?

Despite being a small, niche business, we pride ourselves on offering an ‘end-to-end, hands-free service’ to our clients – and we really do deliver.

We are a mission driven organisation, and we believe that although profit is necessary in creating a sustainable business, it is not the end goal. Instead, we seek to play the long game – to serve our clients and educate our market, helping people create financial security for themselves and their families.

From a client perspective, we pride ourselves on going a little bit deeper and pushing a little bit further to understand the client’s story and what they really want to achieve from our service. Once we have connected with them on that level, we just can’t help but want to genuinely help them – in any way we can!

Nevertheless, we always try to under promise and over deliver, leaving little bonuses for our clients throughout our service. We work with a mentality of solutions, not problems, because the client has paid us to deal with all the problems, and we work in partnership with our clients, rather than as suppliers, to resolve any issues and achieve their financial goals.


What does this award mean for us?

The ceremony was held at Wembley Stadium, and it was an excellent opportunity to meet other like-minded, high performing companies across the country.

This is a major award for us as a small business and in our line of work, trust is the most valuable commodity. Now we have independent verification that our customer service is outstanding!

We hope that we can use this award as a springboard to continue to evolve our service around the client and help twice as many people achieve financial security and freedom next year.

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