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Is it still worth investing in the UK property market in 2024?

With high mortgage interest rates, rumours of a property market crash and banks enticing us all with high interest savings accounts, many people are asking themselves “Is now really a good time to be investing in the UK property market?” 

In our eyes, the question shouldn’t be “Is now a good time to invest” but instead you should be asking yourselves “Can you afford to wait any longer?”

Let us explain why investing your money into the UK property market in 2024 could be one of the wisest financial decisions you make.

The opportunity to negotiate a discount is slipping away

Increased optimism in the market has meant that we’re witnessing a resurgence of buyers, leading to heightened competition. This surge in demand means that the window for negotiating favourable deals on properties is gradually closing. By waiting too long, you risk missing out on the chance to secure your ideal investment property at a discounted price. Acting swiftly could mean the difference between a good deal and one that could save you thousands!  

Properties in the UK are only getting more expensive

With each passing day, the cost of entry into the property market inches higher. Delaying your investment means you’ll likely end up paying more for the same property down the line.  

In Leeds and Sheffield we’ve seen a monthly surge of 2.8% and year-on-year rise of 1.5%. By taking action now, you not only lock in a more favourable price but also position yourself to capitalise on the property’s appreciation over time. Why pay £160,000 for a property in the future, when you could get it for £145,000 today? 

High interest savings rates won’t be around forever

Many of us have capitalised on the high interest savings accounts – a definite bonus of the increase in the BOE base rate! But as the base rate is expected to fall during the remainder of 2024, so too will the high interest savings rates we have been experiencing.  

And let’s not forget about inflation, which slowly decreases the value of your money over time. Property is an inflation-proof asset as property prices outpace the rate of inflation. So by investing in property, you not only grow your money over the long term but also protect it from losing its value as a result of inflation.  

By taking that money and investing it in the UK property market now, you can make the most of any of the interest you have earned on your savings, purchase a buy-to-let investment property, at a discounted price, and get your money working harder for you – a lot harder than savings account.   

Ultra low mortgage rates are a thing of the past

Mortgage rates are on their way down from the dizzy heights of 6-7% we saw last year. And with this news, many people think that they should wait for the interest rates to drop further before they invest their money into property.

Some people are even anticipating that they will come down to pre-truss levels of 2-3%. If this is you, you might be waiting for a very long time!

The fact is these rates are unsustainable for the economy, so we’re unlikely to see them anytime soon. 

If you’re considering investing in property, you have 2 choices.

You can either wait for interest rates to come down to pre-truss levels (a scenario that is unlikely to ever happen) and then compete with hundreds of people who were waiting too.


You can model your deals at 4.5%, buy now & take advantage of the discounts available in the market as well as the sky-rocketing rents.

Remember, investing in property will always be a reliable avenue for long-term wealth creation. Why? Because, aside from the basic principle that people will always need somewhere to live, it’s an asset class that offers stability and the potential for significant returns on your investment.  

Ready to make 2024 the year you invest your money into a buy-to-let property in the UK?  

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