Investing in property is the dream of many, but in London it is a reality for few. With astronomically high rental rates that seem to be ever on the rise, it can be mightily difficult to get that second, or even, third mortgage. Not only that, but the capital growth is actually slowing down in London which makes it not only an expensive investment, but (a) possibly (a) poor one.

However, London is not the only option and there are still a vast number of areas that offer you the opportunity to invest in property without being faced by the crippling prices of our very own capital city.

At Lifestyle Property People we offer a seamless service to busy working professionals who are priced out of the London Property market, but are still keen to invest in property. However, we take the pressure completely off their shoulders; allowing them to devote their time to jobs, family and hobbies, whilst we get on with the nitty gritty

  • If you are too busy to look outside of London

We do it all for you, and you are able to capitalise on the leverage from experts. With an intricate and detailed knowledge of the Leeds property scene and having already invested in a number of properties in this Northern rising powerhouse; we are able to call upon our fantastic pool of contacts and work to offer you a host of fantastic opportunities. This means that without ever even leaving London you will have access to some fantastic properties.

  • Property aftercare

This is something a number of individuals forget. Even once the tenants are settled, it is necessary to constantly maintain and engage; to ensure that they are happy and stay in the property for a long time. With low tenant turnover (as) paramount, and with the alternative seeing you losing huge amounts of money to advertisements and lost rent, we offer a comprehensive and precise lettings and solutions management solution, that is tailored to you and your tenants. Regardless of the time or day, we will answer their queries and send across the right tradesman (or woman) to deal with the job, all whilst you are relaxing in bed.

  • Capital growth

Despite the high property rates in London, Leeds actually has a far more robust capital growth rate. Currently, Leeds has a rate of 6.9%, which is a significant improvement over the one in London which is languishing at 1%.

  • Average purchase prices

This is something we discussed at the beginning of the blog, but for a number of people, they simply cannot afford property in London, with the average property price costing a rather shocking £550,000. However in Leeds you can get a fantastic investment at just £85,000.

  • Return On Investment

Last but by no means least is return on investment, which astoundingly is much higher     in Leeds (at 8%) than in London (at 3%.) Not only are you investing less, but you can also stand to earn much more in Leeds, especially as the extra cash may well allow you to invest in a portfolio rather than only one property.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us on 0203 633 4280 or drop us an email on [email protected]. We also have a carefully created website packed full of useful information so please do feel free to check it out here for some more information on property investment in Leeds.