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Hinesh & Shuchi Buy to Let Property Investor Success Story

One of the biggest reasons many of our clients are looking to invest in property is to be able to support their children in the future, and Hinesh & Shuchi were no different. They wanted a long-term, safe investment that would open up opportunities for their son and set him up for the future.  

We spoke to them about their property journey with us and how investing in BTL property is helping them create a legacy for their son! 

What drew you into investing in property? 

Ultimately, we’re doing all of this for our son. We’d like him to have the best education and opportunities available to him and to try the things that we never got to when we were younger. When I was a child, we rarely went on family holidays because it was just too expensive, so I want my son to experience trips abroad and skiing holidays, and not be limited by money. The world is getting more expensive, so an investment like this will help a little bit with the costs that are to come!  

Why was this important to you? 

My parents worked their socks off and sacrificed a lot to provide for us and I want to do the same to give our child the best possible chance at life. Investing in property has been something we’ve always been interested in, but it’s not something we really had a chance to do previously as we were living in the Middle East for the last 2 years. Property investment wasn’t something my parents ever did, so part of this journey was to try something new in a safe environment. This is going to be a long term investment for us and this first one has been a bit of a test run – now that we know what’s possible, we want to build up a whole portfolio! 

Who else will benefit? 

I’d like to teach my son about money early on and this is a really great, practical opportunity to do so.

“I think our property portfolio will allow him to do things that we could have only dreamed of, so we’re excited about that too.”  

Why were you considering the Leeds market? 

This was a way for us to try something that we haven’t done before and as prices are lower in Leeds, the risk was lower too. If we were to do the same in London, we’d be risking a much larger amount of money and that didn’t really appeal to us. We already had one buy-to-let property in London, so it was a good move for us to diversify too. I was a little bit hesitant about Leeds at first, but my wife is from Yorkshire and she’s got friends in Leeds, so we did a bit of research of our own and everything the Lifestyle team had told us checked out.  

What were the benefits of investing in Leeds? 

Because the property is far away, we haven’t been to see it and it means we have no emotional attachment to it – it’s just a building that is there to give us rental income. We actually think of it as a cash machine. 

It’s been a relatively hands-off experience from our side, and an easy way to get on the property investment ladder. It allows us to see what it’s like to be a landlord without having to do much of the leg work, so from a time saving perspective, it’s been brilliant! We’ve now also got a good insight into the investment process and the income from the property can be used to secure our future, because who knows what the state pension will look like in 30 years’ time! 

Because the property is far away, we have no emotional attachment to it – it’s just like a cash machine 

What characteristics of the service did you most value? 

Our time is very valuable, and we think this service was perfect for us in terms of the amount of time we saved. We also very much liked that the communication with the whole team was excellent and all our questions were answered promptly. 

What was it about our service that impressed you the most? 

It was hands-off from start to finish and the team delivered exactly what they said they would. 

What would you tell a prospective buyer about Lifestyle’s service?  

If you’re investing in the property market for the first time and wondering if it’s worth paying Lifestyle’s up-front fee, then don’t think twice. It’s definitely worth having someone holding your hand and helping you through the process. Think of it as an investment in your own knowledge rather than a cost. At the very least, you’ll feel more confident about the whole process if you decide to do it yourself in the future! 

Now that we know what’s possible, we want to build up a whole portfolio!’ 

What 3 words or phrases would you use to describe Lifestyle Property People?  

  1. Honest 
  2. Knowledgeable
  3. Hands-on 

Overall rating for Lifestyle Property People: 8.5/10

If, like Hinesh & Shuchi, you want to create an additional income stream to help secure your families future, see how you can work with us here. 

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