At Lifestyle Property People, we genuinely believe that investing in property is a fantastic way to develop a robust financial plan, leaving you with valuable time to spend with your loved ones, or doing the things you love.

However, we do appreciate that taking the first steps can seem a little daunting. With so much conflicting information online and far too many articles all professing to have the answer; you can easily spend your weekends researching or visiting properties and lose that long sought-after independence.

And we have seen this happen; clients who become so stressed and overwhelmed that it becomes a pressured pain point, so the main question is how do you build a portfolio without spending the next 10 weekends viewing property deals?

Work with a Property Sourcing Agent to grow your property portfolio

Property sourcing agents can be a fantastic added benefit as you look to grow your portfolio. Taking away the burden of time, they make the process far more efficient and save you the time wasted on viewing unsuitable and inappropriate properties.

Generally the process is extremely straightforward and means you won’t have to spend your time trawling through estate agency listings or searching for potential opportunities in your chosen location.

In fact, any good property agent will take you through a four-stop seamless process:

Step 1: The initial consultation

Step 2: Finding the Right Property Deal

Step 3: The Purchase

Step 4: The Aftercare

Let’s put this theory into practice and take for example a location picked completely at random….one with a flourishing property market, job market and phenomenal level of facilities like Leeds (well we may be a little biased)…if you are not working with a sourcing agent you would have to go out and do the viewings, put your offers forward, as well as carry out a second viewing before you are even close to making an initial decision on the deal.

This can take a huge amount of time.

Which seamlessly brings us onto our next point.

It can save you a heck of a lot of time

Your time is extremely valuable and when you are trying to build up a property portfolio with little experience, no local contacts or little understanding of what is available or what investment strategy to follow,  then you will have to spend a fair amount of time researching the industry and gaining a nuanced and in-depth understanding of the local area.

This may well slow down your level of success and halt the progress of your property portfolio.

However, a property sourcing agent, thanks to their knowledge and experience, is able to present you with a range of opportunities from your very first day of signing up.

Not only that but they can also….

Give you access to exclusive deals  

Thanks to their contacts within the industry, they may well know about a property before it even goes on the market, offering you access to more profitable and lucrative properties.

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