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Dhani Buy to Let Property Investor Success Story

Dhani had been considering investing his money for a while but was unsure which investment option was best suited to his goals. After carrying out some research on property investment, he came across the Lifestyle Property People Instagram page and decided to reach out for guidance about making his money work harder for him.

He is now the proud owner of a 2 bedroom buy to let property in West Leeds and is currently in the process of purchasing his second. We spoke to him about taking the first steps into the world of property and his experience working with the Lifestyle Property People team.

“The funds were a gift so I wanted to make sure I was making the most of the opportunity and invest it wisely. I knew that if I left the money sitting in the bank, the temptation would always be there to spend it.

This property investment enables me to have financial freedom and security so that I can live my life the way I want to.”


How did you hear about us?

I had been researching investment opportunities for a while and thinking about the best investment option available for the sum of money I had. I happened to be flicking through Instagram one evening and your colourful post caught my eye. I started following you and after seeing the results you had achieved for other clients and how effortless the process seemed to be, I decided to get in touch to find out more. 

What were you trying to achieve my investing in property?

Because the funds were a gift, I didn’t want them to just sit in the bank and earn 0.01% interest. I wanted to make sure I was making the most of the opportunity and invest it wisely. My career is in a pretty volatile and unpredictable industry, so having an investment property provides me with some security so that if the worst happens, I still have an income coming in to pay the bills.

In the long term, it enables me to have financial freedom so that I can live my life the way I want to and I knew that if I let it sit in the bank, the temptation would always be there to spend it. As you pointed out to me at the beginning of this journey, it would be much better for me to invest the money and spend the income generated from that investment, than spending the actual capital amount.

Why did you choose to invest in Leeds?

I am originally from the North and eventually I would like to settle there again, so having my property portfolio in the North made sense to me.

I particularly like Leeds, as it’s a vibrant city and after talking to people, I came to understand that the Leeds property market is booming so not only would I be gaining a rental income, every year, the property would be increasing in price!

What made you choose Lifestyle Property People?

I spoke to a few property companies but always felt pressured into making a decision quickly. I really felt like I couldn’t trust them and got the impression they were just trying to make a sale. But, when we spoke, I felt at ease. You provided me with the information and then left me to make up my own mind in my own time. You also checked in every so often, without being pushy, to see if there was any more information I needed or any more questions I had.

I love how laid back and understanding the buying process was – and with a waiting list of 6 months or more, it made me realise that the ball was in my court and I had to make the decision about whether I wanted to move forward or not. I never felt like you were trying to get my money and the more I spoke to you, the more sense everything you were saying made.

What did you value most about our service?

Trusting someone with my money was a massive thing for me and from the offset, I felt like I could trust you.

Throughout the entire process, I felt like the communication was on point! There was never a time where I was wondering what was going on with the property as the team were always communicating with me, letting me know what the next steps were.

By working with you, I have gained more confidence and experience. Before I got my first buy to let, I was scared of losing my money because I didn’t know how to invest! This process has made me realise that it’s not just the rich that can invest in property. I have since gone on to invest in a Serviced Accommodation property in Manchester and some other riskier investments, but if I didn’t have the steady income from that house in Leeds, I probably wouldn’t have the confidence to do this. So, it has really been an enabler for me – a door into another world of possibilities!

Was there anything we could have done better?

The service was incredible so I can’t think of anything you could have done better. As I said earlier, going through this process, it has given me the confidence to start investing myself so I would love to be able to come along to a couple of viewings with you so I can gain some experience into what to look for. [We have since created a ‘How to do Viewings’ training video for Dhani and look forward to seeing him in Leeds soon]


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3 words or phrases you would use to describe Lifestyle Property People?  

  1. Trustworthy
  2. Communication 
  3. Results!

Overall rating for Lifestyle Property People 

10! There wasn’t any point of the service where I felt let down or not in control.

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