Ajul & Roshni I Buy to let investor case study

Ajul & Roshni Buy to Let Property Investor Success Story

Today we catch up with London based husband and wife team, Ajul & Roshni.

Like many of our clients, Ajul and Roshni found themselves drawn to the financial security and independence that investing in property offered them. After seeing our posts on a Facebook community group, they decided that now was the time to diversify their funds and start investing in BTL property.  

We asked them about their decision to invest in the Leeds property market.

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Why you can’t save your way to wealth and what you should do instead | Lifestyle Property People

Why you can’t save your way to wealth (and what you should do instead)

Saving your way to wealth might have been a great strategy as an 11-year-old stashing the cash from washing Dad’s car. However, it isn’t a great strategy when you’re a busy professional with a desire to create financial security.

Given the current interest rate is 0.75% and the inflation rate is 6.2%, you don’t need to be a maths whizz to realise where the problem lies with a savings-only strategy.

The truth is, if you don’t invest, your money WILL disappear over time

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Why the UK is still one of the best places in the world to invest in property

Why the UK is still one of the best places in the world to invest in property

Putting your money in bricks and mortar is still a good decision. Over the past few years, the UK housing market has remained buoyant, with house prices up and rental returns on the up, too. Regardless of the uncertainty, people still want and need homes, and there are a number of reasons why the UK is still a good investment option, here are 11 of them.

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The 6 biggest mistakes to avoid when investing in property I Lifestyle Property People

The 6 biggest mistakes to avoid when investing in property

When it comes to investing in property, it can be costly to make all the mistakes yourself, especially when you can just learn from others.

At Lifestyle Property People, we want to help people create a secondary income stream through sustainable investments in the Leeds property market, and in this article, we explore the 6 biggest property investment mistakes to avoid.

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How much money do you need to invest in property? | Lifestyle Property People

How much money do you need to invest in property?

For those looking for a reliable way of building financial security and achieving financial freedom, investing in a Buy to Let (BTL) property is one of the most popular strategies out there. Part of the reason for this is the fact that the returns can be generated through rental income and capital growth over time.

But how much money do you really need to be able to invest in property? Well, there are a couple of things you need to consider.

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Which area should I invest in property? | Lifestyle Property People

Which area should I look at when investing in property?

With the brunt of the Coronavirus pandemic firmly behind us, most people would agree that there is a great opportunity to invest in the immediate future. But the question that keeps coming up time and time again is “What area should I invest in?”

Most people agree that for the most part, the London property market is DEAD! Low rental returns and stagnant capital growth have left people looking for other options to secure their funds for the long term, but what are the options?

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Here’s why waiting for mortgage rates to drop before investing in property is a big mistake

Cash vs Mortgage – Which is best?

Cash is king, right?   

When making an offer on a buy to let property, many people believe that if you have the ability to, buying in cash puts you at a major advantage above other potential buyers.   

But is this really the case?  

The answer is… sometimes, yes, but it depends on your investment strategy 🤔  

 In today’s blog post, we explain the key advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a buy to let property in cash and why many of our clients prefer to invest using a buy to let mortgage.  

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