We’ve created a £100k income from our buy-to-let property portfolio

We’ve created a £100k income from our buy-to-let property portfolio

Over the past seven years, our MD Shiv Haria and his wife Jaina, have built up a portfolio of 14 rental properties, which provide them with an annual profit of more than £100,000! 

This portfolio will provide a stable income for their retirement along with also inspiring a business idea that has helped over 150 clients do the same! Let’s find out how they did it.  

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Hinesh & Shuchi Buy to Let Property Investor Success Story I Lifestyle Property People

Hinesh & Shuchi Buy to Let Property Investor Success Story

One of the biggest reasons many of our clients are looking to invest in property is to be able to support their children in the future, and Hinesh & Shuchi were no different. They wanted a long-term, safe investment that would open up opportunities for their son and set him up for the future.  

We spoke to them about their property journey with us and how investing in BTL property is helping them create a legacy for their son! 

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How to Fund your next BTL Property through Equity Release I Lifestyle Property People

How to Fund Your Next BTL Property Through Equity-Release

It is common knowledge that Property is a key asset class in a well-diversified investment portfolio and investing sooner rather than later is always the smart move.  

While one of the most common reasons for not investing in Property is a lack of funds, releasing equity from other Buy-To-Let properties, or indeed, your own residential home could help you raise a significant amount of money to put towards your next investment property.  

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The Importance of Portfolio Diversification | Lifestyle Property People

The Importance of Diversification 

The potential risks that are inherent when investing can be intimidating and even off-putting for some.  

However, diversification can help you significantly reduce this risk and make investing less a game of chance and more a strategic vehicle.  But what is it and how can you have a diverse investment portfolio? In today’s article we delve more into the world of portfolio diversification. 

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Why you should get a property survey before purchasing a buy to let property I Property Stories from real buy to let property investors

Property Stories: ‘A survey would have revealed the true problems’ 

In this series we recount real stories, collected from our team and our clients, about issues to be aware of when buying properties outside your hometown.

We recently chatted to our old Delivery Manager, Ty about his experience of purchasing a recently renovated, good looking end-of-terrace buy to let property – only to discover a few months down the line that the previous owner had masked a big problem!  

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Is property still a good investment in 2022

Is property still a good investment in 2022?

Today we are going to answer a very simple question, is property still a good investment in 2022?  

Thanks to the media coverage speculating on everything from inflation to a property market crash, it’s a question that we’ve been asked quite a lot recently so we thought it would be good to give you our take on it.  

From rising inflation rates to the need of diversification, we have 5 reasons why we think that property is STILL a solid investment strategy in 2022   

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