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Why Do the Rich Keep Getting Richer? 

The gap between the rich and poor seems to be growing wider every year, and it can be frustrating to wonder why that’s happening. It’s no secret that the wealthy have access to resources and opportunities that the rest of us don’t, but what is specifically contributing to their continued accumulation of wealth and how can you get a slice of the action?  

Firstly, to make it clear, the rich aren’t necessarily smarter than anyone else, but they have mastered some important principles that help them get ahead and stay ahead. 

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why the rich keep getting richer, the difference between assets and liabilities, and how by investing in assets such as stocks and property, you too can work towards achieving financial security & generational wealth.   

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The Secret to Financial Success & Independence

The Secret to Creating Financial Success & Independence 

Are you tired of feeling financially insecure and you’re ready to start building a better future for yourself and your family? Well, we may have some insider secrets to help get you there.  

We recently spoke to our good friend and investing advocate, Huw Davies. As an advocate for investing and creating financial security, it was great to sit down with Huw and discuss our own journeys, as well as share some great advice on what you can do to help get you on your way to achieving financial freedom and security. 

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Ajul & Roshni Property Investor Success Story

Too busy to invest in property? You’re not alone!

Many of us understand that by making plans for our future now, we can not only survive, but thrive during the second half of our lives.

But, between trying to balance your work, family, and living your life, who actually has the time to plan for the future, let alone find an investment option that works for you?

Our clients, Ajul & Roshni, were in that exact same boat.

So, they turned to us for help.

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5 Common Property Investment Myths That Are Holding You Back | Lifestyle Property People

5 common property investment myths that are holding you back

Property remains one of the most resilient and stable asset investment classes, but it’s also a topic on which everyone seems to have an opinion.

Over the years we have found that a lot of it comes from people that don’t even invest in property or don’t want you to (we are sure you know a few of these people )

In fact, there is so much misinformation out there, it makes it virtually impossible for potential investors to sort fact from fiction and people often end up taking the ‘safer’ route, which is to do nothing 

After nearly 14 years of investing in property, we have seen how life changing it can be and we wouldn’t want other people’s opinions to stop you starting your own investing journey.

So today, we investigate the 5 most popular things that people get wrong when it comes to property investing so that you can start your investment journey with confidence.

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What's stopping you from investing in property I Lifestyle Property People

What’s stopping you from investing in property?

With something like investing in property, it can be a little scary taking the first step, especially if you believe what they tell you on the news.  

But by waiting until the ‘right’ time, you could be missing out on a golden opportunity to make some serious returns, and do you really want to have your money sitting in the bank for yet another year, being eaten away by inflation?  

It’s true that times have changed, but that just means we need to adjust our strategy. We’ve had a few conversations recently with potential clients about what’s stopping them from investing in property and we wanted to share what we discussed in case it gives you the reassurance that you are looking for.  

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Buying An Investment Property: A Step By Step Guide For First Time Investors | Lifestyle Property People

Buying An Investment Property: A Step By Step Guide For First Time Investors

There’s no getting around it: the process of buying & renting a property in the UK is long, complicated and frustrating. 

It is enough to put off even the most experienced investors, and for first-time investors it can be extremely overwhelming and enough to end their investing journeys before they have even started.  So today we thought we would give you an overview into the process of finding, buying and renting a buy-to-let property, with the aim of giving you an insight into how it all works. 

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5 lessons to learn to succeed as a property investor I Lifestyle Property People

5 Lessons To Learn To Succeed As A Property Investor

Our MD, Shiv purchased his first buy-to-let property in 2014. It was a semi-detached property with a garden in East Leeds and the lessons he learnt from that first purchase were some of the most important in his property investment journey to date. 

From finding a great letting agent to being in control of your emotions, in this article, he shares the top 5 lessons that have shaped his investment journey since & made him a successful property investor.

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The Challenges You May Face When Investing In Property I Lifestyle Property People

The Challenges You May Face When Investing In Property

We talk a lot about the benefits of investing in property and, of course, it is hugely rewarding over time. But, as with all things, it isn’t always plain sailing.  

You need to have the time and expertise to follow through with the end-to-end process to ensure you have a successful and profitable property investment. Don’t and things start to go WRONG very quickly!  

Below are some of the challenges you may face as you embark on the journey of investing in property.  

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“My buy-to-let property portfolio is helping create a legacy for generations to come”

One of the biggest reasons many of our clients are looking to invest in property is to make their money work harder for them. Sick of watching his money sitting in the bank eroding away, Mitul knew he needed to take action and decided to invest his money in property instead. We spoke to him about his investment journey with us and how investing in BTLs is helping him achieve his goal of creating a legacy for generations to come! 

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We’ve created a £100k income from our buy-to-let property portfolio

We’ve created a £100k income from our buy-to-let property portfolio

Over the past seven years, our MD Shiv Haria and his wife Jaina, have built up a portfolio of 14 rental properties, which provide them with an annual profit of more than £100,000! 

This portfolio will provide a stable income for their retirement along with also inspiring a business idea that has helped over 150 clients do the same! Let’s find out how they did it.  

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