Is it still worth investing in the UK property market in 2024?

With high mortgage interest rates, rumours of a property market crash and banks enticing us all with high interest savings accounts, many people are asking themselves “Is now really a good time to be investing in the UK property market?” 

In our eyes, the question shouldn’t be “Is now a good time to invest” but instead you should be asking yourselves “Can you afford to wait any longer?”

Let us explain why investing your money into the UK property market in 2024 could be one of the wisest financial decisions you make.
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Here’s why waiting for mortgage rates to drop before investing in property is a big mistake

Here’s why waiting for mortgage rates to drop before investing in property is a big mistake 

With the news of mortgage interest rates falling from their highs of 6%+, many people have decided that they should wait for the interest rates to drop further before they invest their money into property.  

And yes, on the face of it, this seems like a great idea – why would you want to invest when rates are the highest we’ve seen for a long time?  

However, here are 3 reasons that will make you reconsider waiting.  

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Why We Don’t Help Clients Flip Properties For a Quick Profit

There are many different ways of investing in property and one that we are asked about often is ‘flipping’ properties.  While it can be profitable when done correctly, there are often drawbacks to flipping properties for a short-term gain, as well as a whole range of things to consider before you jump onto that bandwagon.

In this article, we’ll discuss this property strategy in more detail and show you why it’s not always as glamorous as it’s made out to be. Plus, we’ll show you how you can make money in property with less risk and less cost.

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I have £250k to invest and I'm not sure what to do with it | Lifestyle Property People

“I have £250k to invest and I’m not sure what to do with it”

So, you find yourself with a spare £250,000, and you’re wondering how to make the most of it.  

While it’s tempting to splurge on a lavish holiday or a new car, this is a life-changing amount of money, which if invested wisely can set you and your family up for a more secure future.  

Everyone’s financial situation is different, but a mix of investments can be the best way to diversify your portfolio, reduce your exposure to risk and maximise your returns.  

Here we’ll give you a quick overview of 4 potential ways to invest this amount. 

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5 reasons why now is the still the best time to invest in Buy to Let property

5 reasons why I’m still investing in property even ‘though it’s the worst time to do it’

Despite all the media speculation and the things you may be seeing on social media, people are still investing in property. But why? Surely it’s better to batten down the hatches and wait for this storm to pass.

It’s because they understand the 5  fundamentals of what is happening in the property market in 2023 and know that now is the opportune moment to be investing your money into property.

In today’s update, we reveal all.


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Is Hands-Free Investing the solution you’ve been looking for?

Is Hands-Free Property Investing the solution you’ve been looking for?

With increased workloads, family commitments and just a lack of free time, hands-off property investing also known as passive or ‘armchair investments’, has gained huge popularity over the past few years with people looking to invest their money into property but without the pressure of having to be actively involved.

Have you wanted to invest in property but have struggled to find the time, don’t know what you’re doing or would rather someone else do it for you? Then hands-off investing might be the solution you are looking for.

In this article, we will explore the concept of hands-off property investing and why many modern-day investors are turning to this end-to-end solution.


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Is Hands-Free Investing the solution you’ve been looking for?

Why Do the Rich Keep Getting Richer? 

The gap between the rich and poor seems to be growing wider every year, and it can be frustrating to wonder why that’s happening. It’s no secret that the wealthy have access to resources and opportunities that the rest of us don’t, but what is specifically contributing to their continued accumulation of wealth and how can you get a slice of the action?  

Firstly, to make it clear, the rich aren’t necessarily smarter than anyone else, but they have mastered some important principles that help them get ahead and stay ahead. 

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why the rich keep getting richer, the difference between assets and liabilities, and how by investing in assets such as stocks and property, you too can work towards achieving financial security & generational wealth.   

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The Secret to Financial Success & Independence

The Secret to Creating Financial Success & Independence 

Are you tired of feeling financially insecure and you’re ready to start building a better future for yourself and your family? Well, we may have some insider secrets to help get you there.  

We recently spoke to our good friend and investing advocate, Huw Davies. As an advocate for investing and creating financial security, it was great to sit down with Huw and discuss our own journeys, as well as share some great advice on what you can do to help get you on your way to achieving financial freedom and security. 

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5 Common Property Investment Myths That Are Holding You Back | Lifestyle Property People

5 common property investment myths that are holding you back

Property remains one of the most resilient and stable asset investment classes, but it’s also a topic on which everyone seems to have an opinion.

Over the years we have found that a lot of it comes from people that don’t even invest in property or don’t want you to (we are sure you know a few of these people )

In fact, there is so much misinformation out there, it makes it virtually impossible for potential investors to sort fact from fiction and people often end up taking the ‘safer’ route, which is to do nothing 

After nearly 14 years of investing in property, we have seen how life changing it can be and we wouldn’t want other people’s opinions to stop you starting your own investing journey.

So today, we investigate the 5 most popular things that people get wrong when it comes to property investing so that you can start your investment journey with confidence.

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What's stopping you from investing in property I Lifestyle Property People

What’s stopping you from investing in property?

With something like investing in property, it can be a little scary taking the first step, especially if you believe what they tell you on the news.  

But by waiting until the ‘right’ time, you could be missing out on a golden opportunity to make some serious returns, and do you really want to have your money sitting in the bank for yet another year, being eaten away by inflation?  

It’s true that times have changed, but that just means we need to adjust our strategy. We’ve had a few conversations recently with potential clients about what’s stopping them from investing in property and we wanted to share what we discussed in case it gives you the reassurance that you are looking for.  

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