10 reasons why now is the right time to invest in property

At Lifestyle Property People, the number 1 question we have been answering over the last few weeks has been:

“Is now the right time to invest in property?”

Here are 10 reasons why it is:

1. Agents are hungry to do business – it’s a great opportunity to pick up good deals!

2. Good quality buy-to-lets continue to rent out – demand will continue to increase as the year goes on

3. £100,000 houses won’t drop in price drastically – these are considered affordable properties and a 10% drop is ‘only’ £10k

4. Property market is less volatile than the stock market – it’s not about timing the bottom because prices are always negotiable

5. Downside risk is limited – if house prices fall, you can always renegotiate the price before exchange of contracts

6. Inflation will work in your favour – the massive government stimulus packages will lead to inflation, which means increasing property prices

7. Second wave of infection may happen – we now have a proven method to deal with the situation – social distancing and lockdown measures

8. The current opportunity will only last a few months – will start looking for a home for their funds once things go back to normal

9. Interest rates may well become negative before the end of the year – to encourage people to spend and invest instead of saving

10. The best time to invest in property was 20 years ago, the next best time is NOW!

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